The site helps entrepreneurs answer the following questions:

  • How likely am I going to be able to get capital and manage the process of securing capital?
  • How do I prepare myself for investment?
  • What is investor readiness?
  • How does a startup become investor ready?

The site has a DIY section which guides an entrepreneur step-by-step getting his business investment-ready

Investment in a startup, an early stage business, happens based upon assessment of potential of the startup. Potential of a venture is the possibility of it becoming a:

  • Growth business
  • Scale business
  • Sustainable business
  • Profitable business

Early stage businesses have:

  • Products are in development
  • Developing management team. Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic and managers may be inexperienced
  • Developing organization capabilities. Systems to create and add value to win against competition
  • Yet to be created assets to scale production
  • Organization processes and systems are evolving

Investors therefore have to assess:

  • Why is capital required?
  • Where will investments be made?
  • Trajectory of growth
  • Potential of the team to deliver on the promise
  • Potential of the industry
  • Exit options

Beinvestible guidelines enable an entrepreneur to self-assess the attractiveness of his venture for outside capital.

  • Enable an entrepreneur to assess how potential investors assess business potential and management
  • Guide the development of management processes and systems
  • Identify exit options.

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